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Shingle Defects from CertainTeed Class Action Lawsuit

Shingle Recall
Thousands of Mankato, Rochester, Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Brainerd area homes have defective shingles that were manufactured by the CertainTeed Corporation between April of 1987 and September of 2003. A chemical compound used to make the shingles was faulty. As a result your shingles are slowly delaminating, curling, losing their granules, and the shingle’s core is disintegrating.

The Suit Seeks To Recover Labor and Material Costs

Thousands of Mankato, Twin Cities, Rochester, St. Cloud and Brainerd area homes have shingles that look like they are curling up and most of the homeowners don't know there is help available. Some have defects that aren't quite as obvious. Organic CertainTeed shingles from a 1987 to 2003 all have one thing in common- they are defective and they are disintegrating. Certainteed hasn't been very helpful to the customers who thought they had shingles that would last 25 years - at least that's what CertainTeed initially claimed, 25 years. We are providing a 5-minute solution at no cost and no obligation.

KSTP News, a Twin Cities television station, recently ran a story about these shingles and they didn't leave the consumer with much hope. All is not lost though as area consumers have found free help. A Minneapolis based law firm has filed a new class-action lawsuit against CertainTeed Corporation. Our Minnesota Roofing Specialists can help with identification and documentation of the products in question.

These are examples of the defective organic shingles.

Why Do I Need Help?

Because the things you're told to do for your own claim make it seem like you really don't have much of a chance.

These are the items listed on Halunen's website as items affected consumers should be gathering:

Date of purchase/install of CertainTeed Shingles

Type of shingle/length of warranty

Approx. date you observed curling/deterioration

Details of any communications with CertainTeed including offers to settle and amount

Describe any contacts you have had with contractors and/or insurance companies

Any estimates you have obtained to replace the faulty shingles

E-mail, address, and phone number where you can be reached

It's really nice that they offer this list but realistically not many people have this documentation so they haven't really paid attention to the help they could be getting. After reading the list and realizing that you really don't have any documentation it seems like you might be left out in the cold. Not true.

Could I Do It Myself?

The answer is yes, especially if you have answers to the questions above and receipts.
CertainTeed has instructions buried within their website that give you the step-by-step direction for filing a roofing warranty claim.

The very first thing to do in the claim process is to file the electronic form that CertainTeed supplied on their website.

Easy Claim - The 5 Minute Solution

Easy Claim is a no-cost-no obligation assessment of your shingles. It is performed by our roofing expert who can determine if your shingles are, in fact, CertainTeed organic. They will be able to help you from A to Z and you risk nothing.

It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to get the ball rolling. Filing an Easy Claim

What They're Saying

The media and various websites have extensive coverage and comment about the CertainTeed shingle situation. View some of the quotes from around the country.

Articles have appeared in the Bismarck Tribune and the Wisconsin State Journal outlining the difficulties customers are experiencing. Both newspapers reference a lawsuit against CertainTeed but the company's treatment of its warranty obligations is the part that's most interesting. With the suit filed in Minnesota CertainTeed's former customers may just have a fighting chance to recover some realistic money, not what has historically been paid by CertainTeed. Now consumers just need a quick and easy way to get their claim facilitated. That is the reason for this website.

In an interview with Minneapolis attorney Bryce Johnson said "We believe evidence will show that CertainTeed knew, or should have known, of the substandard quality of these particular shingles and yet kept them in the marketplace." Essentially that is the heart of the case. There is quite a bit of insight in this interview and we highly recommend reading it.

Minnesota Class Action Lawsuit Against CertainTeed

Halunen & Associates, together with other class action law firms in the United States, has filed a class action lawsuit against CertainTeed Corporation on behalf of consumers who have been affected by deteriorating, curling, or otherwise defective CertainTeed organic shingles made by the company. This case involves anyone who has previously owned, or currently owns, a home or other structure from 1987 through the present on which CertainTeed organic shingles were installed. They are seeking recovery of material costs and labor costs for the tear-off, removal and re-application of shingles for each member of the class. To date, we have identified class representatives in several states, including: IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NY, OH, PA, SC, SD, WI. Our intent is to file this class action lawsuit, state by state, on an ongoing basis. We are still looking for plaintiffs from additional states to strengthen the case against CertainTeed.

CertainTeed's Response
On July 14, 2008 CertainTeed Corporation offered their response to the complaint filed in Pennsylvania. Their response was characteristically non-responsive. It was similar to the care given to their customers who filed warranty claims - short on substance or remorse.

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